WI Articles – November 2017

Funtington and West Stoke WI President Mrs. Benny Paxton

At the September meeting our members were both entertained and informed by Linda MacDonald, who spoke to us about wearing shapes and styles of clothing to flatter our figures. Linda provided many useful tips as well as making us laugh with her observations about the different female shapes, which she described as triangles, inverted triangles, rectangles and hour glass figures.
By the time of this November issue, we shall have held our Annual Meeting where the officers and committee members for the coming year are decided. There will also be a display of the craft and art work produced by our very talented members.
Dawn Shrives will be talking to us at our November meeting on the topic, ‘From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate Bar’. Fingers are crossed that there might be a few samples of chocolate to be tasted, turning more of us from an hour glass to a rectangle shape!
Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at the Village Hall in West Ashling, starting at 7 p.m. Visitors are always welcome.



It is no surprise now to mention that again a delicious lunch was prepared by Maggie and Marlene which we all tucked into with gusto!

We are pleased to say that there is a steady intake of new members, this month it was Penny.A major aspect of WI is Friendship  and it is good to know that members are readily bringing in friends and aquaintances.

There are of course many outings meetings and events to come,therefore boards with info’ are open for signature where appropriate,this includes a holiday and tour of Devon next year – to name but one.

Our speaker was Ben Cross who champions British Flowers and their Nurseries which are in his opinion – and ours when we learnt of growing procedures -second to none and should be supported more. His speciality is alstromerias and they are beautiful plants with long vase life.

There is always a lot of interest things  to do and consider at WI meetings, we always welcome those who are thinking of joining:Meetings are on 3rd Thursday of the month from 1pm – 3.15 optional lunch 12noon-1pm.The Fishbourne Centre,Fishbourne. Contact Sec.Beryl Reynolds on tel. 774350 or beryl@fishbourne.plus.com.


Bosham WI Meeting 4 October 2017

The Sussex Air Ambulance

Our October meeting was as cheerful and buzzing as always, two new members came and joined us and received a warm welcome!

Our president, Judy reminded us of some forthcoming dates:

We have our Bosham birthday lunch on Tuesday 17 October at Vicars Hall;

followed by an Impromptu lunch at The White Swan on Wednesday 22 November;

followed by our Christmas lunch on Friday 15 December at George Bell House, Cannon Lane.

Our Very Own A&E in the Sky

Our speaker, Mike Charman, a long standing volunteer for the Sussex Air Ambulance talked to us about this inspiring and vital “A & E in the sky”.

And that’s what it is: 2 helicopters available, each containing 2 helicopter pilots; 2 medics – doctor and highly trained paramedic; 24/7; 10 occasions daily when they are each in the air; over 2400 incidents a year…………. Whew: what a service!

And we in Bosham are lucky enough to be within 20 minutes reach of the Redhill-based helicopter. The other is currently based at Marden.

The helicopter is on the ground for 30-40 minutes usually, and the newer of the two helicopters has the major advantage of being able to treat the patient on board, having an almost 360 degree access table.  There are several major trauma centres accessible to HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Service): Southampton; Chichester; Worthing; Brighton and Eastbourne.  However, during the night-time only Southampton has the necessary landing equipment available.

NOVEMBER IS THE WORST MONTH …………. for weather conditions, often causing disruption for HEMS. If flying isn’t an option, then Rapid Response Vehicles (RRV) are utilised.  Fully equipped with the same medical crew, the only problem sometimes is the time taken to get to the patient.

Both teams assist the other if necessary: Mike gave the example of four boys involved in a large incident, when both helicopters were deployed.

Some statistics:  founded in 1989 as The Kent Air Ambulance, it wasn’t until 2005 that doctors came on board. In 2007 HEMS expanded into Surrey and Sussex; in 2013 blood started to be carried on board (a huge step forward in terms of stabilising the patient).  Also in 2013 the 24 hour service was launched.

SO – I think we would all agree that we are tremendously lucky to be within the remit of The Sussex Air Ambulance.

  • It’s a charity. Only 60% of the doctors’ salaries are reimbursed.
  • £6.5 million is needed annually to keep two helicopters in the air.
  • It costs £1K to fill them up each time!

HELP IS NEEDED.  If we can donate in any form, large or small, one-off or set up a standing order/direct debit, then Mike tells us we can help this wonderful service keep going.

If you are interested in joining us at The Bosham WI, the please get in touch with Judy Stern on 01243 573396.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 1 November, which is our AGM and Lin from Kim’s Bookshop in Chichester will be joining us.  Hope to see you there!