WI Articles – December 2017

Funtington and West Stoke WI:

The members walked into our November meeting to see a glorious display of chocolates made by Dawn Shrives, owner and founder of Le Salon Du Chocolat.
Dawn has an extensive knowledge of the history of chocolate; the cocoa bean has been around for 4,000 years. She also described how chocolate is made, why she became a chocolatier and what to look for when reading the ingredients of a bar of chocolate.
Dawn gave a fascinating talk on a subject that she is obviously passionate about, and to make the evening perfect, there were plenty of chocolate samples to taste.
The weeks leading up to Christmas are very busy and sociable for our WI. We have a stall at Funtington Church Fair in St. Mary’s Church on November 25th where we shall be selling cakes and savoury items. This is followed by our Christmas lunch at the Millstream Hotel in Bosham, where we have an excellent meal and an enjoyable time. Our final pre- Christmas festivity is a party on December 13th with each member bringing a plate of party food to share, a small gift for a lucky dip and enjoying a glass or two of mulled wine that helps or possibly hinders us when answering the quiz questions.
Our January and February meetings begin at 2pm in West Ashling Village Hall. Why not begin 2018 by visiting our friendly and welcoming WI?