Update on Covid-19 from The Village Magazine


The Village Magazine Covid 19 update

The Village Magazine would like to help coordinate the many offers of assistance members of our local community are offering for people who are or who have to self-isolate or are vulnerable due to the Coronavirus outbreak. It is heartening to see the rallying of support across the country and we are keen to help direct this support in any way we can.

To this end we would like to make potential organisers and helpers as well as those needing support aware that there is a national online site, Covid Mutual Aid (featured on The One Show on Monday 16th March) which is providing resources to help local volunteer groups set up and effectively support their local communities. By having local groups (down to street level for some) it is believed this is one of the safest ways to guard against contact from people who do not have the self-isolating persons best interest at heart whilst also drawing on the resources of a national organisation.

In drawing your attention to Covid Mutual Aid we at The Village Magazine feel this is one of the best ways to provide coordinated, effective support and make best use of the many kind offers of help at a local level. It is also important that we all understand the need for safeguarding and helping out locally assists this.

On the Covid Mutual Aid site you can find contacts for your local organisation or if there is not one for your village or street then there is advice on setting one up so other volunteers can connect with you as well as resources and information of safeguarding and security. The site also advises how to help those who are not online. The site website address is:



If you wish to volunteer your services to your neighbours without necessarily joining a group then there is also a template below which can be cut out, photocopied or alternatively downloaded from the Covid Mutual Aid site.

We can also advertise on our social media sites any other local groups that are set up, please forward details to us at The Village Magazine. Details of one such group in Bosham are given below.

Please always be aware that these volunteer groups will never ask the residents that they are helping for money for any service they are providing. Similarly, if anyone approaches you asking for money in the name of The Village Magazine please say no.

We wish all our communities the very best at this difficult and challenging time.