The South of England’s Favourite Antiques Fair is back


Ardingly Antiques Fair – Tuesday 2nd & Wednesday 3rd November 2021


This November it is your final chance to shop at Ardingly Antiques Fair in 2021! The Largest Antiques Fair in the South of England returns to the South of England Showground on Tuesday 2nd & Wednesday 3rd November. 


The famous antiques, vintage and collectors fair will provide visitors with a varied selection of antique furniture, antique ceramics, antique silver, antique salvage, antique glass such as decorative glass inkwells and antique glass scent bottles. 


Ardingly Antiques Fair will help you prepare your winter wardrobe with the most fashionable yet sustainable clothing, accessories and shoes. Shop high quality winter clothing that will keep you warm all winter long and find high quality antique leather boots that you can enjoy for the cold months to come.


Purchase tickets today for the truly cosmopolitan antiques event this November, your final chance of the year to browse 1000s of antiques, vintage and collectors items on the beautiful setting of the South of England Showground. When you’re walking around the showground, make sure to note how many stalls are available all over the ground, you don’t want to miss out on finding an irresistible deal!


You can quite literally find any item imaginable to add to your antiques collection, decorate your home with or to become your new favourite piece of artwork. Visitors always leave with a smile on their face knowing they’ve found an incredible bargain that will stay in their home for years to come.


What makes Ardingly Antiques Fair so special is the fact you can speak with iacf’s professional antiques dealers about the items they have for sale. There is no limit to the knowledge you can learn whilst walking around the antiques fair, take time to speak with iacf’s antiques dealers about the items you sell and you may learn something a little special about your new-loved item.


Visitor finds item representing her home town at Ardingly Antiques Fair


There is truly no limit to what Ardingly Antiques Fair can provide, if you are looking for items that offers personal value to you and your family, Ardingly is the right place for you. 

This nostalgic visitor is from the South Downs and attended Ardingly this September. She had no idea she would come across this fairground carousel display which is originally from the South Downs, her hometown. (She) was so emotional to find it at Ardingly Antiques Fair she just had to bring it home with her. It will be used for her Christmas display, bringing a personal touch to her Christmas decorations. What a lovely and meaningful story to discover at Ardingly Antiques Fair.


The Largest Antiques Fair in the South of England provides no limits to what you can discover, walking around the fair you can find items that represent your upbringing, such as rare postcards that are from the town you were brought up in – such a personal touch to shopping that no other shopping experience can provide.


Join 1000’s others at the South of England Showground on Tuesday 2nd & Wednesday 3rd November to shop an impressive variety of collectors items, rare antiques, decorative antiques and vintage items and so much more. Tickets are available online and at the door. Save 20% off first day tickets online.