Slimming World

Lyn Jennings is a local slimming world consultant based in Chidham and was keen to share her story about her weight loss and the perks of becoming a part of a supportive network of like-minded people.
My husband and I were promoting our children’s book and raising money for charity when from nowhere came an almighty squeal.  As I turned there in front of me was a vision.  It was my long lost friend, confidant, Wendy Howard. At this point we were both squealing, hugging, crying and gabbling like demented banshees. Our partners were horrified.  This is definitely the point in life where you realise MEN ARE FROM MARS WOMEN FROM VENUS but only a woman would GET IT.  As for her children they were clearly embarrassed about the display of affection, thought Mum must definitely be on something.
Oh my lord it must be eight years since we had last spoken but like so many people our lives had gone in different directions. Wendy had disappeared off the radar and we had spent a year living in France. Many a day I would think of her and wonder what she was doing. What happened to my best buddy.  We made arrangements to meet for lunch. Has anybody tried to cram 11 years into 2 hours! We said our goodbyes and agreed to call but never took each other’s address.
A couple of months later Wendy was due to move and during this time lost her mobile.  You all know what happens next……. Lost and gone forever.
                                   3 Years later ……………
Yes you’ve got it, the exact same thing – is that fate or what. We could not believe our luck. Our lives had run parallel.  We almost did not want to say goodbye and one thing she did mention was SLIMMING WORLD….. She had recently became a consultant.
Well thought I, in need to lose some weight I would go along to her group despite the hour journey.  Well I was hooked. To date I have lost 1st 9lbs. I feel healthier liberated and the best thing my rheumatism has totally disappeared in my right leg. All I can say ladies, gents if you want to loose 1/2 a stone or 20 stone go along to your local SLIMMING WORLD GROUP.  They are supportive, caring, friendly, and your details are confidential.  The recipes are amazing but the best thing of all you don’t go hungry.
If any of you love cooking you will be delighted how yummy the slimming world recipes are. They give you the ingredients, portions and how many SYNS per person, some are totally free.
Go and purchase a copy of Slimming World magazine and you will see for yourself how nutritional they are for the whole family so you only have to prepare one meal.
One of my favourites is the root veg and red lentil casserole with herb dumplings.
Another bonus is there are a good variety of cook books available to purchase in group.
If your not a Jamie Oliver and you don’t like to cook go along to your local Iceland.  It is amazing the variety of ready meals and extremely good prices.
So if you live in or near Chidham come along to my group – yes you have guessed I have become a SLIMMING WORLD CONSULTANT.
Wednesday Evening – 7.30 Chidham Parochial School Chidham lane Chichester or call 07955 604 388
Free refreshments!
See you all there!