Road Safety Week and Beyond

What is Road Safety Week?

Road Safety Week 2020 (16-22 November) focuses on the what, the why, and the where of speed, because whether you’re walking to school, riding on a country road or driving for work, the speed of traffic matters to your safety. With someone injured on a UK road every four minutes, and vehicle speed playing a part in every crash, it’s time to come together to say that there is NO NEED TO SPEED. However, this doesn’t just apply to the week in November – Road Safety is important all year round.

Why is Speed so Important?

When it comes to road safety, speed matters. In a crash, 1mph can mean the difference between life and death, but we know that people still regularly break speed limits or travel too fast for the conditions of the road. The formula is simple: the higher the speed, the longer the stopping distance, the harder the crash and the greater the risk of death and injury.

Speed matters for our health and wellbeing

Slower traffic makes places feel more welcoming for the people who live, work and play in them. Where traffic is slow, more people choose to walk and cycle, and more people interact with each other on the street, creating fitter, healthier and happier communities. This Road Safety Week, we want everyone to learn that there is NO NEED TO SPEED and find out just why speed matters for safe and healthy journeys.


Pictured with Mr Paul Lewis from George Ide LLP are some of our fabulous Year 7 students from PEAKE House, Kaci, Hector, Lewis and Enya.