Quiz answers- October

Quiz answers issue -October 2021.

These Bones!

1 Where in the body is the bone known as the “patella”? Knee
2 What is the common name for the “clavicle”? Collar or Wish Bone
3 What name is given to the fused bones at the base of the “spinal column”? The Coccyx
4 What is the name of the u-shaped bone at the base of the tongue that supports the tongue muscles? The Hyoid Bone
5 Which is the longest bone in the human body? Femur or Thigh Bone
6 Which Book of the Old Testament Bible inspired the negro spiritual song “Dem Dry Bones”? Ezekiel (37. 1-14)
7 What is the front edge of the “tibia” called? Shin
8 In the human body, where is the “humerus bone”? The (upper) Arm
9 “Carpus” is the technical name for which body part? Wrist
10 Where in the body are the “metatarsal bones”? Foot


11 Which is the northernmost capital city in Europe? Reykjavik (Iceland)
12 In which city on the French Rivera is the famous

“Promenade des Anglaise”?

13 “Sherry” is an anglicised form of the name of which Spanish town? Jerez
14 What was the ancient Roman name for “Ireland”? Hibernia
15 Which is the highest mountain in the Alps? Mont Blanc
16 “Venedig” is the German name for which European city? Venice
17 In cookery, from which European country does the spicy stew “goulash” originate? Hungary
18 On which river in Italy does “Florence” stand? The Arno
19 What is the currency of “Switzerland”? Swiss Franc
20 Which European country is called, in its own language, “Suomi”? Finland


Beatle Lyrics. Name the Beatles song from the opening line of the lyrics?

21 I once had a girl. Norwegian Wood
22 In the town where I was born. Yellow Submarine
23 Picture yourself in a boat on a river. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
24 Well, she was just seventeen. I saw her standing there
25 You say Yes, I say no. Hello, Goodbye
26 Oh yeh, I’ll tell you something. I want to hold your hand
27 Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner. Get Back
28 When I find myself in times of trouble Let It Be
29 Ooh I need your love babe, guess you know it’s true. Eight Days a Week
30 Last night I said these words to my girl. Please, Please Me

Supermarket Shopping: Solve the anagram?

31 I CUT THEIR BASICS (4.3.8) Rich Tea Biscuits
32 MIND COLD KNEES (9.4) Condensed Milk
33 BRING SPACE BAG (6.7) Spring Cabbage
34 RICH LOOKING CAT DEN (8.9) Drinking Chocolate
35 FILL OUR PAN (5.5) Plain Flour

Related GB Tokyo Olympics 2020 

36 With whom did “Matty Lee” win a gold medal in the Synchro 10m Platform Diving? Tom Daley
37 Whose longstanding British record did “Keely Hodgkinson” beat in the athletics 800m? Dame Kelly Holmes
38 How old were the “Gadirova” twins who tumbled to glory? 16
39 Who became the first British swimmer to defend an Olympic title? Adam Peaty (100m breaststroke)
40 How many gold medals did “Team GB” win overall? 22