Petition To Push ‘Local Plan’ Formation Forward to Protect Local Environments

A petition has been set up to oppose housing development along the A259 corridor between Chichester and Emsworth until the Chichester District Council produces a ‘Local Plan’ which is sustainable and future proof.

Originally the ‘Local Plan’ was meant to be formed in 2019 but it has now been pushed back to 2023 leaving developers an open door to build housing which does not factor environmental safeguarding or sustainability.

The aim of the petition is to get the Chichester District Council to push forward the formation of the ‘Local Plan’ and to make sure it covers significant protection measures to safeguard our ‘Unique Local Environment ‘ which then enables our communities and economy to function, including: a) A future-proof ‘Waste Water Treatment System‘ with capacity to deal with current sewage and grey water and to cope with predicted future flash-flood occurrences, annual rainfall and some additional housing. b) Give lawful assurances that all 7 proposed ‘Wildlife Corridors‘ will be protected as a minimum baseline. c) Significant enhancement of ‘Green Spaces’ and ‘re-wilding schemes’ within the A259 Corridor. This is crucial as evidence of natural world decline is stark as shown in the ‘State of Nature Report 2019’. This is vital to carbon capture and wildlife biodiversity.  d) Provide meaningful, joined-up walking and cycling paths within easy access of all local communities. 


If you wish to sign the petition or would like more information follow the link below: