Life in Miniature exhibition this season at Uppark

This year, the famous Dolls’ house is the inspiration for an exhibit that explores the fascinating world of all things miniature. Join us as we shine a light on our collection, bring the dolls’ house to life, and hear the role that the dolls’ house played in life at Uppark with a themed programme of events, from talks and trails to children’s activities.

Dating from between 1735 and 1740 the dolls’ house at Uppark has been described as one of the two most important British dolls’ houses that have survived from that era. Despite its age, the house has never been remodelled and is in good condition as it was mainly used by the ladies of the house rather than the children.

This exhibit you can investigate both the miniature world, as well as the life-size version of the servants’ quarters and grand house.

The attention to detail in the magnificent house is superb, with real silver tea sets, four poster beds and silk dresses for the ladies. The beautiful material of the gentleman’s coat is contrasted with the simple designs of the servants’, as well as the silver of the tea sets against the pewter plates in the downstairs kitchen. This gives us an insight into what life was like for the servants and how this compared to the life of higher status ladies and gentleman of the house.

4 March to 3 September, 11am-4.30pm, normal admission applies. Please see or call 01730 825415 for more details.


As a conservation charity it is important to highlight these inspiring details, as they are the result of considerate preservation over the years. A lot of which is done by volunteers who make the day to day running of Uppark possible. Volunteering at Uppark can include showing tours around the house, planting bulbs in the garden or helping in the shop, and it is all of those who contribute with so much passion that make your experience so special.