Christians In Westbourne Celebrate Good Friday

Christians in Westbourne, near Emsworth, walked through the village on Good Friday morning with a large wooden cross, continuing a longstanding local Easter tradition.
The villagers, from St John’s parish church, met at the top of Monk’s Hill and walked down to the village square, stopping for readings and hymns along the way. More than 25 people took part, ending the walk at the church and then enjoying coffee and hot cross buns.
Rector Rev Frank Wright said: “On Good Friday the focus for Christians is on the death of Jesus at the hands of a world which was only interested in power and the domination of people.  Today we still have those interests lurking in our psyche and are still learning how to deal with them.

“The events in Brussels show us what can happen when we become disengaged from a belief in a God of love and forgiveness and turn to the gods of power, status and domination.”


Words by John Millard