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August Quiz Answers

Bosham News Quiz – August 2023  Comedy Turns.  1 Which comedy team featured ”Michael Bentine”,               “Peter Sellers”, “Harry Secombe”, and “Spike Milligan”? The Goons 2 Which long-winded stand-up was fond of requesting that the audience refrain from “twittering”? Frankie Howard 3 Who created the sitcoms “Bread” and “Butterflies”?

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June- Quiz Answers

Bosham News Quiz – June 2023 Capitals. Name the six capital cities in Europe that are spelt with only four letters. 1 Baku (Azerbaijan) 4 Oslo (Norway) 2 Rome (Italy) 5 Bern (Switzerland) 3 Riga (Latvia) 6 Kyiv/Kiev (Ukraine)   Quiz Shows. Rearrange the letter groups to make three former TV quiz shows:                   ERS NGF

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April Quiz Answers

Bosham News Quiz – April 2023  Name Game. Identify the middle name from the list of these well-known people? Albert. Balfour. Isaac. Leonard. Mungo. Winston 1 John Lennon Winston 4 Hugh Grant Mungo 2 James Callaghan Leonard 5 Frank Sinatra Albert 3 Ronnie Corbett Balfour 6 Sir Viv Richards Isaac   Ologies: Identify what is

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March Quiz Answers

  Bosham News Quiz – March 2023  Around England.                              1 Which same river flows through the villages of “Goring”, “Pangbourne” & “Sonning”?  River Thames 2 How many stacks of chalk comprise “The Needles” off the west coast of the Isle of Wight? Three 3 M/C In which seaside town is the “British Lawnmower Museum”: Blackpool,

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