Bosham Parish Council

Happy New Year to all Bosham Residents from your Parish Council.

Let us hope that 2021 brings a return to the normal life of the village.  We are all indebted to the efforts of all the volunteers such as the BISCuit team, the Bosham Monday Club and the many other individuals who have generously given up their time to shop for those sheltering and to keep in contact with others who are unable to get out.

The Parish council have continued with our regular programme of meetings using Zoom and these meetings are as usual open to all and the records and links to the meetings are on our updated website.

Talking of which, have you looked at the new Parish website?  We hope to have made it much more interesting as well as being easily accessible to view all the minutes of our meetings as well as publicising other events taking place in the village (please email the Clerk if you would like to add an event to the calander).

The early summer seems a long way off now that winter is upon us but we all remember the ‘invasion’ of our village by those coming to ‘Bosham Beach’ and the minority who behaved so badly on the Meadow and the Recreation ground.  Let us hope that the vaccine will release us from any need to ‘lock down’ again this coming spring and that jobs will return to something approaching normal.

On the subject of lock down and similar restrictions it does seem likely that we will need to wear masks when we go out in public for some time to come.  Our Parish Litter Warden continues her regular rounds and is finding a good number of discarded masks which apart from making our village untidy can be a danger to wildlife. Please do dispose of your mask responsibly.

Finally, we are planning a normal Parish Assembly with representation from all our clubs and organisations in the Village Hall on April 28.  Keeping our fingers crossed!!

Alastair Johnstone, Chair, Bosham Parish Council