Bosham Cricket Club Quiz Answers September 2021

Lights, Camera, Action! 

In the Lion King, “Shenzi” and “Banzai” are what kind  of animal? Hyenas
What infamous outlaw was played by Paul Newman  in the movie “The Left-Handed Gun”? Billy the Kid
What actor played Danny Glover’s partner in the  “Lethal Weapon” movies? Mel Gibson
Which character has been played on TV by “Phil  Silvers” and on film by “Steve Martin”?  Sergeant Bilko
How many thieves accompany “Ali”?  40
Which country and western singer rode alongside  John Wayne in the movie “True Grit”? Glen Campbell
What board game is played by Steve McQueen and  Faye Dunnaway in “The Thomas Crown Affair”? Chess
Which famous vet has been played on film by “Simon  Ward” and “John Alderton”? James Herriot
In which 1982 movie did Dustin Hoffman play the  characters of “Michael” and “Dorothy”? Tootsie
10  Which real-life Tudor inspired a play and a movie  called “A Man for All Seasons”?  Sir Thomas More


How Well do you know “Chichester”?

11  What was the name of the Barracks in Chichester that  was the HQ for the “Redcaps” until 2005? Roussillon (RMP)
12  Who is standing on a plinth outside the Cathedral?  St. Richard  

1st Bishop of Chichester. 

(Richard de la Wyche).

13  In which park can you find the “Chichester Guildhall”?  Priory Park
14  In which year of the 2000s’ did the Privy Council give  permission for “Chichester” to adapt its status to  “University”? October 2005
15  Which actor, living in Chichester until her death in  January 2014, starred in the 1960s’ sci-fi series “The  Champions”? Alexandra Bastedo (Garland)
16  For half a point each, what is the respective “A”  numbers of the roads from Chichester north to  Midhurst and Petworth? A286 & A285
17  What is the name of the Queen Anne Townhouse  built by wine merchant Henry “Lisbon” Peckham in  1712? Pallant House
18  For half a point each, in the song “Saturday Kids”  (Paul Weller) on The Jams 1979 album “Setting Sons”  which two seaside places near Chichester were mentioned for a holiday? Selsey Bill & 

Bracklesham Bay

19  How much does it cost to park for up to four hours  Nothing. It is FREE.


after 5:00 pm on a Sunday in the Northgate Long Stay  Car Park?
20  Which Duke covered the cost of repairs to the  “Market Cross” in 1746? Duke of Richmond


Famous French People? 

21  How is “The Duke of Normandy” as called in 1066  more familiarly known today? William 1 (The Conqueror)
22  Name the author who wrote “The Count of Monte  Cristo” & “The Three Musketeers”? Alexandre Dumas
23  Who was burned at the stake in 1431 and made a  saint in 1922? Joan of Arc
24  Which chemist’s research led to the identification of  infectious diseases via the science of bacteria? Louis Pasteur
25  For half a mark each what were the two major and  similar engineering feats inspired by “Ferdinand de  Lesseps” during the second part of the 19th Century? The Suez and Panama Canals
26  On which remote South Atlantic Island did the British  exile in 1815 “Napoleon Bonaparte” where he died six  years later? St. Helena
27  What important anniversary did the completion in  1889 of “Gustave Eiffel’s Tower” commemorate? 100th anniversary of the  French Revolution
28  Who led the Free French Forces during WW11 and  became the first President of the 5th Republic? Charles de Gaulle
29  How many Kings of France were named Louis?  18
30  Which Manchester United footballer and now an  actor infamously dived into the crowd during a match  and attacked a Crystal Palace supporter? Eric Cantona


Connections – Fruit?

31  Which bird is the national symbol of New Zealand?  Kiwi
32  What is the name of the “John Lennon Memorial” in  Central Park, New York? Strawberry Fields
33  Which American actor starred in the movies “Some  Like It Hot”, “The Odd Couple” & “Grumpy Old Men”? Jack Lemmon
34  What is the name of the purple academic in the  original board game “Cluedo”? Professor Plum
35  Which famous person had the middle names  “Honeyblossom”, “Michelle”, “Charlotte”, “Angel” and “Vanessa”? Peaches Geldof
36  Which Mark Twain novel, set on the Mississippi, is the  sequel to “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”? The Adventures of  

Huckleberry Finn 

(State Fruit of Idaho)

37  What is the name of the record company founded by  the Beatles in 1968?  Apple
38  “Tom Joad” was the main character in which John  The Grapes of Wrath


Steinbeck novel?
39  What name is given to the annual award ceremony  held the day before the Oscars that recognises the  worst films and actors from the previous year? The Golden Raspberry  


40  Name the British female pop music vocal group  formed in London in 1979 by friends “Sara Dallin”,  “Siobhan Fahey” and “Keren Woodward” Bananarama