Bognor Regis Time Bank – Every Action Leaves a Footprint

Volunteering doing something that you enjoy at times that suit you and other members. Give as much time as you can afford.
Do you have a talent that you want to share with someone else or a group of people, for example gardening, book keeping, dress making, or do you have time to help some-one do their shopping ? In exchange you could learn a new language or playing a musical instrument or go on a group.   Since January members have shared 72 hours of time, befriending at the theatre, learning to crochet, walking dogs and being an activity buddy.
For every hour that you give, you will receive an hour in return from someone else’s time.
“You need me, becomes we need each other”
For more information about joining the timebank please contact Martha Pusey or sign up and receive 2 hours of time credits to begin ex-changing visit