A successful first Mini event at Amberley Museum

Amberley Museum received a good turnout for the first ever Minis at the Quarry event held on Saturday 12th May.  Over one hundred and fifteen Minis made attendance, displaying an array of Mini variants.  Including an original un-restored 850 models as Mini creator Alec Issigonis intended through to rally specials and quirky customised cars reflecting each individual owner’s style.

Mini clubs made a great part of the day, arriving in convoy and showcasing Minis through the years.  With the many different models that were produced through its 42 year life with the original classic shape as well as a handful of new Minis up the present day, still produced in the Cowley plant factory in Great Britain.

The visitors were able to revel in the sheer variety of cars on display with not any two models alike. With good feedback for a Mini show in this area, look out for the date of next year’s Minis at the Quarry event to be released soon.

This weekend on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May, the Museum is hosting its annual Military Vehicle and Home Front weekend.  Step back in time to the 1940’s and learn about the role of the Home Front during the wartime period.  The Museum welcomes you to come dressed up to join in with the nostalgia of this event.

Amberley Museum is a remarkable heritage site in the Sussex South Downs, with 36 acres to explore and over 40 exhibit buildings to visit, focusing on industrial and transport history. Take a ride on the narrow gauge railway and historic bus. Exhibits include the telecommunications hall, electricity hall, working printshop, lime kilns, steam engines and more.

The Museum is home to traditional craftspeople such as the Woodturners and Blacksmith, with a café, gift shop, nature trails and picnic areas. The Museum is accessibility friendly and dogs are welcome on site.

This year the Museum is celebrating its 40th season, and they are hosting over 50 events in 2018 from children’s activity days to classic vehicle shows.  They will be open from the 7th March to 28th October, for more information on their events, or education programme, please see their website for full details www.amberleymuseum.co.uk.